We are conservationists! As a field biologist, our photographer has documented his work across a variety of Neotropical biomes, from the isthmus of Panama to the cloud forests of the Peruvian Andes. Most of the images here were taken during scientific studies and trips into the depths of the forest. 


And it hasn't been an easy ride. Tropical disease, flesh eating parasites,  land slides and storms are just a few of the hiccups we've encountered along the way. Indeed, work in these environments can be testing, but as we enter our world's sixth major extinction event there is important work to be done. At Mighty Jungle we want to contribute to that work. 


Most people are fairly familiar with the better known jungle dwelling creatures like jaguars and monkeys, but there is so much more to the Neotropics than that. Beneath the surface, tropical forests are home to an unimaginable plethora of weird and wonderful creatures, many of which remain undiscovered.  

Our mission is to share the intriguing beauty of Neotropical biodiversity, and the importance of its protection. As humans continue to wreak havoc on the natural world, our ultimate goal is to contribute to the protection of some of our planet's most precious tropical forests and their restoration, before it is too late. 


A selection of the images in our gallery are available to buy in the form of fine art photographic prints. The images are printed on 231gsm archival paper and are available in two sizes. These images are an excellent way to brighten up a space and bring life of the jungle into your home! They also make perfect gifts, so why not help us share the beauty of Neotropical biodiversity!

Please note that frames are not included. If you are interested in another image from the gallery that is not currently available to buy, please contact us directly for options. Orders will be dispatched within 2-3 working days, shipping times may vary depending on location. 



If you like what you see at Mighty Jungle, then maybe you should consider taking a nature or birding tour with one of our partners! You will be led by an experienced field biologist and you'll have a great chance to see plenty of the wildlife on show in our gallery!